On Demand Doctor Appointment Booking App Built in Flutter.

Getting Started

flutter_doctor_appointment_booking_app project has "main.dart" as Entry Point.

= = = To Generate Android release steps = = =

Generate FAT APK

  • flutter clean
  • flutter build apk –release

Generate split APK’s

  • flutter clean
  • flutter build apk –split-per-abi –release

= = = iOS release steps = = =

Set iOS deployment target

Follow below steps

  • setup flutter sdk
  • get packages
  • open runner.xcworkspace from ids folder
  • update version code in yaml

Bellow commands will generate the runner.app file

  • flutter clean
  • flutter build ios –release

Now open the xcode run/build to check if project has error

Select Product -> Archive
Follow the uploading steps


Download the full project for this post from the following button

This source is fully free for all time

Download as zip

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