The library was published in early access and is not stable, as it is being developed in parallel with other solutions. English is not a native language so there are no comments. At this stage, the library is for those who want to understand the source code and get a starting point for their solution or help me 🙂

Flutter unity 3D widget for embedding unity in flutter. Now you can make awesome gamified features of your app in Unity and get it rendered in a Flutter app both in fullscreen and embeddable mode. Works great on Android, iPad OS and iOS. There are now two unity app examples in the unity folder, one with the default scene and another based on Unity AR foundation samples.

Note: Supports only Unity 2019.4.3 or later. UnityFramework does not support emulator.

I made a simple flutter question and answer application to learn all the basics of the language. It was a very interesting experience, but I know I still have a lot to learn with this new technology that fascinates me with every line.

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