A tool to easily install the Android SDK command-line and platform tools.

For developers:
This README describes the CLI tool that ships with this Dart package. For package
documentation, consult the appropriate README.


  • Cross-platform support
    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • Linux
  • Upgradeable platform tools
  • Minimal, but a standard SDK installation (Android Studio compatible)


Binaries can be found in the releases page.

Alternatively, for those with the Dart SDK installed, pub can be used to activate
the package…

$ dart pub global activate --source git

The following external tools are required:

  • Java
  • p7zip or unzip (macOS and Linux)
  • PowerShell 5.0+ (Windows)


  1. Open a terminal (or command prompt)
  2. Run gibadb
  3. Accept any required licenses
  4. Add the required lines to your PATH


$ gibadb --help

Usage: gibadb.dart [options] [SDK installation directory]
Install the Android SDK command-line and platform tools.

If no SDK installation directory is provided, a common, platform-specific location is chosen.
-v, --verbose                                 Show more installation details.
    --[no-]launch-path-settings               Open the system path settings after installation.
                                              (defaults to on)
    --[no-]platform-tools                     Install the SDK platform tools as well as the base SDK command-line tools.
                                              (defaults to on)
-a, --archive=<command-line tools archive>    Use an existing SDK command-line tools archive, instead of downloading one.
    --keep-archive                            Don't delete the SDK command-line tools archive.
-h, --help                                    Show the usage information.


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