Stream-based strongly typed GraphQL client for Dart


  1. Fully Typed: work faster and safer with compile time checks and IDE autocomplete, including fully typed Cache reads and writes.
  2. �� Built-In Code Generators: automatically generated immutable data classes for all your GraphQL Operations and Fragments, based on your schema.
  3. �� Customizable Network Interface: highly customizable network interface using gql_link, allowing you to compose and extend Links.
  4. Normalized Optimistic Cache: keep data in sync with cache normalization and update your UI instantly with optimistic data.
  5. �� Multiple Data Stores: extensible Store interface with built-in MemoryStore and HiveStore (which uses hive for offline persistence).
  6. �� Refetch & Pagination: easily update responses with new data or combine multiple responses, allowing for seamless pagination.
  7. �� Flutter Widgets: Widgets for Queries, Mutations, and Subscriptions, available out of the box.


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