flutter easyloading

A clean and lightweight Loading widget for Flutter App, easy to use without context.

flutter easyloading




Add this to your package’s pubspec.yaml file:

  flutter_easyloading: ^1.0.1


import 'package:flutter_easyloading/flutter_easyloading.dart';

How to use

first, warp your app widget with FlutterEasyLoading:

class MyApp extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    /// child should be [MaterialApp] or [CupertinoApp].
    /// make sure that loading can be displayed in front of all other widgets
    return FlutterEasyLoading(
      child: MaterialApp(
        title: 'Flutter EasyLoading',
        theme: ThemeData(
          primarySwatch: Colors.blue,
        home: MyHomePage(title: 'Flutter EasyLoading'),

then, enjoy yourself:

EasyLoading.show(status: 'loading...');

EasyLoading.showSuccess('Great Success!');

EasyLoading.showError('Failed with Error');

EasyLoading.showInfo('Useful Information.');



/// loading style, default [EasyLoadingStyle.dark].
EasyLoadingStyle loadingStyle;

/// loading indicator type, default [EasyLoadingIndicatorType.fadingCircle].
EasyLoadingIndicatorType indicatorType;

/// loading mask type, default [EasyLoadingMaskType.none].
EasyLoadingMaskType maskType;

/// textAlign of status, default [TextAlign.center].
TextAlign textAlign;

/// content padding of loading.
EdgeInsets contentPadding;

/// padding of [status].
EdgeInsets textPadding;

/// size of indicator, default 40.0.
double indicatorSize;

/// radius of loading, default 5.0.
double radius;

/// fontSize of loading, default 15.0.
double fontSize;

/// display duration of [showSuccess] [showError] [showInfo], default 2000ms.
Duration displayDuration;

/// color of loading status, only used for [EasyLoadingStyle.custom].
Color textColor;

/// color of loading indicator, only used for [EasyLoadingStyle.custom].
Color indicatorColor;

/// background color of loading, only used for [EasyLoadingStyle.custom].
Color backgroundColor;

/// mask color of loading, only used for [EasyLoadingMaskType.custom].
Color maskColor;

/// should allow user interactions while loading is displayed.
bool userInteractions;

/// success widget of loading
Widget successWidget;

/// error widget of loading
Widget errorWidget;

/// info widget of loading
Widget infoWidget;

because EasyLoading is a singleton, so you can custom loading style any where like this:

  ..displayDuration = const Duration(milliseconds: 2000)
  ..indicatorType = EasyLoadingIndicatorType.fadingCircle
  ..loadingStyle = EasyLoadingStyle.dark
  ..indicatorSize = 45.0
  ..radius = 10.0
  ..backgroundColor = Colors.green
  ..indicatorColor = Colors.yellow
  ..textColor = Colors.yellow
  ..maskColor = Colors.blue.withOpacity(0.5)
  ..userInteractions = true;

more indicatorType can see in flutter_spinkit showcase


  • [ ] add progress indicator
  • [ ] add custom animation


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